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We stand behind ever Nicolosi purchase with a 100% Guarantee. If you feel that our products do not meet the highest standards, contact our customer care team within 15 days of the receipt of product, and we will gladly refund or replace your purchase.

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We take every effort to ensure your order is made fresh and shipped as quickly as possible. Orders received by 11:00AM Eastern Time Wednesday to Sundays are shipped on Mondays. We only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to make sure items do not sit in shipping storage areas for long periods of time.


We only use pork that is slow raised TM, with no steroids or growth hormones, free to roam outdoors, the way nature intended. Berkshire Black pork is fed an all-vegetarian diet, and raised under a strict code of responsible and humane husbandry by select small family farms.

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