Peace, Love and Kids

Peace, Love, and Kids

Family is what’s most important to us, and that’s why we started Peace, Love, and Kids. Through PL&K, we raise money to support local initiatives that benefit kids in our neighborhood and other neighborhoods across the country. We sponsor many local 5K races in the community that raise funding for special causes.

Most recently, and annually, we contribute to the Mary Therese Rose Fund. Nicolosi Fine Foods donates all the food and refreshments and staffing at the food tent at their 5K race in Mahwah, NJ each Spring.

The Mary Therese Rose Fund allows children to “reclaim the joys of childhood”. There are many children with disabilities that require certain needs to be able to make life even more of a pleasure. The fund pays for such expenses that insurance does not cover. This includes hearing aids, walkers, wheel chairs, braces, and even therapeutic activities such as therapeutic horseback riding. Just as Mary was able to enjoy her life to the fullest and have a memorable childhood despite her limitations, the fund’s mission is to assist in enabling special needs children to reach this goal.

The Mary Therese Rose Fund assists children from the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey. It is with great pleasure that such children could cherish their valuable childhoods and be able to flourish in development.

Through PL&K we also donate our products to churches, shelters, local sports and recreation programs and Rotary Clubs. We at Nicolosi Foods believe in supporting and giving back to our communities.



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