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Berkshire Black

Nicolosi Fine Foods was the first to introduce Berkshire Pork to the Metropolitan area.

In the early 90’s, as a result of the “other white meat campaign” pork was competing with chicken to become more lean. Unfortunately, less fat in pork makes it devoid of flavor, texture and nutritional value.

Over the following years into the new millennium nutrition education became more widespread and consumers were becoming more wary of what they were serving at the dinner table. This inspired Rob Nicolosi to start looking for something new to offer his clients. After much research and many calls he finally found something that excited him, the Berkshire Hog. The meat from this particular breed was flavorful, clean and nutritious

Berkshire Black™ is our guarantee that the pork you bring home is 100% certified Heritage Berkshire breed, gluten free and raised slowly, lovingly and locally. The quaint family farms that raise our Berkshire pork follow a supervised strict code of responsible and humane husbandry. The pigs roam freely and are fed an all vegan diet of corn and soy, without steroids and growth hormones so that we can ensure your complete satisfaction. Berkshire Black™ has enabled us to stay ahead in a competitive market, and continue to embrace our core values as a traditional family owned and operated business, while helping local farmers that share this philosophy. We take great pride in our product, the farms that produce it and in our skilled butchers’ artisanal craftsmanship.

Nicolosi Foods is proud to offer naturally delicious Berkshire Black Gourmet Pork.

Simply put, it is the World’s Best Tasting Pork.

…Take it from us, we know good meat!

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Peace, Love & Good Food

Healthy, gourmet versions of tried and true recipes with a creative youthful presentation. Featuring only environmentally friendly, natural ingredients, developed under sustainable business practices.

All of the Peace, Love and Good Food varieties are locally produced, Antibiotic Free (ABF Never-Ever), gluten free and do not contain any artificial flavors or fillers.

Food that you can feel good about!

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Asiago & Garlic • Sundried Tomato with Smoked Swiss and Gruyere Cheese • Sicilian Buffalo with Blue Cheese • Italian Style Hot & Sweet • Broccoli Rabe with Pecorino Romano

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