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What is Berkshire Pork?

 Berkshire pork is a rare heritage breed highly prized on par with Kobe or Wagyu beef. Also known by the Japanese as “Kurobota” meaning “black hog”. This niche pork has certain characteristics preferred and valued by consumers that seek uncompromising quality. Berkshire pork is distinguished for its beautifully dark color, tenderness, marbling and rich flavor which sets it apart from all other breeds. The Japanese have prized this breed for many years and have paid US farmers a premium for raising these hogs for their markets.

Here at Nicolosi Foods like to refer to it as “the other red meat”.

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Pork Quality Scales


Quick Facts About Our Berkshire Pork

  • 100% Purebred Berkshire Pork
  • Internationally Recognized as “Kurobuta” or “Black Pig”
  • Locally and Lovingly Raised by Excellent Caretakers.
  • Fed a Strict Vegan Diet of Corn and Soy
  • Raised without Antibiotics
  • Steroid Free

pH Score : 6-7

Relates to low cooking loss, better water holding capacity and high degree of tenderness.

Coloring Score : 5-6

Darker pork is consistently preferred by consumers.

Fat Content: 7-10

High scores for intramuscular fat percentage, tenderness and juiciness.


What is ABF?

ABF stands for “Antibiotic Free”. This is a desirable attribute amongst consumers because it tells them the animals raised for the meat they are going to purchase have never come into contact with antibiotics.

Antibiotics kill weak bacteria quite efficiently but as a result, create a breeding ground for stronger drug resistant bacterial strains. Resistant bacteria is much harder to treat and usually requires very strong medication to eliminate.

Antibiotics are misused to increase an animal’s growth process and as a substitution for healthy living conditions. Consuming meat from animals over exposed to antibiotics can prove harmful because of the potential of that animal carrying antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Our products here at Nicolosi foods have minimal or no exposure to antibiotics.

Peace, Love and Good Food ™ features antibiotic FREE products. Never, Ever, exposed.

Berkshire Black ™ hogs are raised without antibiotics. However, if the heritage hogs do become ill, they are removed from the other hogs and mildly treated, to return after they are well and all antibiotics have naturally expelled from their systems.

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