Brooklyn Crush Wine & Food Festival

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Experience the event Thrillist said was one of the things “You Absolutely Have to Do in NYC.”

Love wine and good food? Come join us at the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival on May 13th. We will be sampling our Berkshire Black all-natural, vegetarian-fed cappicola, hot and sweet soppressate, hickory smoked bacon and nitrate free Berkshire hotdogs! Taste something you’d like to enjoy at home? We will be selling everything we sample! Get your tickets now at Brooklyn Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival TicketsUse Code 30FAFBK & Take 30% Off Evening Session Tickets (8-11pm)


Nicolosi stand at NY Wine Event from February. Dishing out our famous bacon, chorizo and sopressate.
Nicolosi stand at NY Wine Event from February. Dishing out our famous bacon, cappicola, and sopressate.


Left to Right: Berkshire Black Cappicola, Sweet Sopressate, Hot Sopressate




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